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Saturday, April 30, 2011

How-to: Rules for walking mailboxes

Walking the mailboxes is a technique invented by the man I call Jack (see story: The man who walked back through time). Here's how it's done. These rules are mine, based on my experience.

1. Add one new mailbox each walking day.
2. Return home by the same route, doing the same mailboxes as on the way out, in reverse order. (This one sounds simple till you begin to apply it...)
3. If you miss a day, make no change in applying Rule #1.
4. If you miss another day, back off one day (one mailbox).
5. If you miss because you are sick, back off one mailbox each subsequent day; if you miss because you just didn't get out there and do it, back off one mailbox every two days.
6. Each mailbox counts as a mailbox. If several come together in clumps, count them separately.
7. If you don't have mailboxes at the street, you can count driveways instead.

Try it, then report back here on how you're doing. PL

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